A Bomber Command Survivor

(The Wartime Reminiscences of a Bomber Command Pilot)

Pub: Sage Pages….. Stanley E Harrison….. ISBN 0-9585961-2-3

Paperback 133 Pages

Rating: ****

  Squadron Leader Stanley E Harrison DFC DFM enlisted in the RAF Volunteer Reserve in 1938 as a student pilot. In this book, he traces his operational service through two full tours of operations

He was still undergoing advanced training when WWII broke out, and details his training, his time with 61 and 97 Squadrons along with the inception of the Pathfinder Force. He describes the tension, emotion and experiences of a young aircrew who almost daily faced the dangers associated with flying a heavily laden bomber, over intensely defended areas in awesome detail.

    Not 'dressed up' in any way, this book is a completely factual and skillfully written accoun


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