Westerbeek Lancaster Memorial

In Memory of Lancaster PD221 of 550 Squadron and her crew


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Photos: Hans Ooms




Memorial to the crew of PD221


Memorial to the crew of PD221



The crew of PD221 R.I.P.


Sgt Jack Holding 1685217 RAF


Warrant Officer William Johnson Howson 949392 RAF


Sgt James Frederick Moyle 1806639 RAF


F/Sgt Lorne Clifford Taerum R/278581 RCAF


Sgt. J. Holding Navigator


W/O W. J. Howson Wireless Operator


Sgt. J. F. Moyle Bomb Aimer


F/Sgt. L. C. Taerum Rear Gunner


F/O. R. G. Nye Pilot

No Photo


Sgt. C. Stuart Flight Engineer

No Photo


Sgt. W. H. Cook Mid-Upper Gunner

No Photo