Conspicuous Gallantry Medal Awards

*Uniquely, CGM's were awarded to 5 members of the crew of ED377 for the Milan Operation 14/02/43*


*Sgt L Airey*
*Sgt W E Williams*
*Sgt I H Hazard*
*F/Sgt G Dove*
*Sgt James Bain*
F/Sgt G Ashplant
F/Sgt L B Wallace
Sgt L Chapman
F/Lt C C Corder
??? Geoff Keen
F/Sgt J S Powell
F/Sgt W C Townsend
F/Lt S N Sloan
F/Sgt K G Brown (Dams)

F/Sgt N T Williams

Sgt ?? Hall
Sgt J A W Howe
Sgt John Bailey
F/Sgt O H White
Sgt G W Oliver

F/Sgt A W J Larden

F/Sgt D Rees

F/Sgt J V Russell
F/Sgt J W Norris

Sgt W Cardy

Sgt G C C Smith
F/Sgt A H Jeffires
F/Sgt David Moriarty
F/Sgt A C Cole
Sgt D Allen
F/Sgt F Tomkins
W/O K Dennis
F/Sgt Preece
Sgt Gilbert Steere
F/Lt? E W Tickler
W/O W G Bickley
F/Sgt G Chapman-Smith