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Target Dresden

Independent Books................ Alan Cooper ...............ISBN: 9 781872 863153

256 Pages ..................................Hardback/Paperback

Target Dresden

Alan Cooper describes the build up of Bomber Command from it's early, comparatively impotent beginnings, a time when it was almost impossible to hit a target, into the mightiest ariel bombardment machine the world has ever seen: an airborne force that could drop a 22,000 pound weapon to an error of only a few metres.

Dresden is a highly emotive subject at the best of times which Alan has investigated and followed the chain of events leading to it's destruction. Using historical documentation from a variety of sources, he clearly defines the reasons Dresden was chosen for attack, the routes to the target, the methods used and the results.

The book concludes with statements from various parties involved, both Allied and Axis, and leaves the reader with a new perspective.

Contains many photo's and maps, combined with a complete aircraft and aircrew loss record.

Of special significance in my opinion, is the note to Harris, which Churchill was obliged to re-write in view of Harris' refusal to respond.

Dresden is a subject which needed to be addressed and Alan Cooper does so in an unbiased manner, showing the raid for what it was, as it was, warts and all.

There are a multitude of questions that can be asked about the Raid on Dresden, and with the information and facts displayed in this book, the reader should be in a better position to draw their own personal conclusion.


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