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MacRoberts Reply (Stirling)

  Fiskerton Airfield

Dutch Bomber Command Association

  Steve Darlow (Air War Author)
  Rob Davis' Homepage   Derwent Dam
  Belgian Aviation History Association   Losses near Dreumel
  Stirling Aircraft research    
  Lancaster Crashes in Belgium    
  Al Lloyd's Homepage    
  Air War Europe    
  W.O. Bert Pinner DFM    
  Bill Norman (Air War Author)    
  Karstens Bomber Command    
  Allied Losses Over Marne (France)    
  Comm's Flight,Iraq, and Sqn Ldr Skeet    
  Rays Web Page (W4326)    
  James Beam van Etten's Aviation Photo's    
  Commonwealth War Graves Commission    
  National Archives (formally Public Records Office)    

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