Blenheim Airfields of Bomber Command


This section denotes Bleheim Squadrons airfields.

Alconbury, Attlebridge, Bassingbourne, Bicester, Bodney, Driffield, Elgin, Gt Massingham, Hemswell, Hinton, Honington, Horsham, Little Snoring, Lossiemouth, Marham, Mount Farm, Oulton, Polebrook, Swanton Morley, Upper Heyford, Upwood, West Raynham, Waddington, Wattisham, Watton, Weston, Wyton

*Pundit Codes To assist crews in finding their base, each airfield was given a 2 letter code. This code was flashed in Morse Code, from a beacon situated up to 5 miles from the airfield







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