214 (Federated Malay States) Squadron

214 Squadron Crest

Ultor in Umbris (Avenging in the Shadows)

Crown Copyright: Reproduced by kind permission of HMSO

Commanding Officers

W/Cdr W. Sanderson November 1938

W/Cdr F.E. Nuttall February 1940

W/Cdr G.H. Loughnan October October 1940

W/Cdr R.B. Jordan march 1941

W/Cdr G.L. Cruickshanks August 1941

W/Cdr R.D.B. MacFadden September 1941

W/Cdr E.J.P. Davy February 1942

W/Cdr K.D. Knocker April 1942

W/Cdr A.H. Smythe september 1942

W/Cdr M.V.M. Clube march 1943

W/Cdr D.J. McGlinn July 1943

W/Cdr D.D. Rogers August 1944

W/Cdr R.L. Bowles March 1945







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